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 “Ure’s piano piece La Llorona has individuality and an atmosphere at once dark and brooding. In a day when huge demands are frequently made upon the performer for little return, here is a miniature that is eminently pianistic and accessible for both performer and listener – a novel, attractive and contrasting item for the pianist bringing an innovative mien to programming.”

“Chilled for Solo Flute is an evocative one-movement miniature with expressive flute writing. The piece utilizes a wide range of registers and dynamics, inviting the flutist to explore a variety of tone colors.”

– Yamaha Performing Artist, Mimi Stillman

Kevin Ure’s work cannot be squeezed into a labeled cubbyhole – stylistically it varies greatly, from delicate piano works to soundscapes to sweeping string narratives, and from tonal to atonal and back again. But however different the mechanics of a piece, his sensibility remains recognizable.

Over and over his works investigate extreme states of mind like mania, determination, joy, ignorance, and grief, from the point of view of a hunting bird of prey – now we see the emotional landscape from a giant height, then suddenly there is a swooping down as we dip into the center of the experience, and then a rising up as we find ourselves gliding far overhead again.

Perhaps most importantly, Ure’s work is articulate – he truly cares about his audience and wants to help bring them into this elevated landscape, where perhaps something might be learned from this maelstrom of emotions we humans are all living through.

– Elisabeth Blair